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Bernard Proulx

Self-taught painter, Bernard Proulx was born in 1954 in Percé, Gaspésie. It was in his native village, a cultural axis for artists from all over the world, that he was shaped. In his family, the arts were dominant: on the stage with his father, in pictorial creation with his mother. He was also inspired by the artists of the Percé Art Center.

Bernard began to express himself, first with his songs, his poetry and his monologues; then, over the years, with his brushes.

He studied the great masters of Quebec, Canada and Europe, as much in books as in museums. Bernard will follow a training course with Ginette Berthiaume, an experienced painter, to better master the techniques of drawing. Later, the great master Paul Tex Lecor will become his mentor. He will teach him the composition and the subtlety of colors.

A figurative painter, he can be found in galleries since 2004. He has exhibited in major galleries including the Balcon d'Art in the Montreal region and the Galerie d'Art Le Belley in Quebec. He has participated in several symposia and exhibitions (solo or in groups). His paintings are found in many European, American, Canadian and Quebec collections.

Bernard also accepts commission requests for individuals and companies.

In 2020, he becomes a signatory member of the Institute of Figurative Arts (I.A.F.), one of the most important groups of professional artists in figurative arts.

Each of his paintings tells a true story. Bernard Proulx makes the life of a proud and well-rooted people vibrate and sing.

Bernard paints Quebec seascapes, characters and landscapes that inspire him. His native Gaspé became his muse. Each of his paintings makes life vibrate and sing in all its forms, combining realism and sensitivity.