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Danielle Champoux

Born in Montreal, Quebec in 1966, Danielle Champoux launched her relationship with art at age nine by participating in her first design competition, organized by the firm Cadillac Fairview at the Saint Bruno commercial centre, for Mother’s Day.  She was disqualified on the basis that they thought she hadn’t created her own design because it was too sophisticated and beautiful to have been done by a girl so young!

Two years later, her art teacher, Pierre Duhamel from 1977 to 1981, rapidly recognized her as having an innate talent for painting.  By the age of twelve, she was selling her work and taking orders for more.  At fourteen, she had a showing of her collection of works at the Old Presbytery of Saint Bruno.  It was greeted with praise by the spectators.  

Married and with 2 children she also had a new career as an esthetician which definitely limited her time to produce more art works.  She was the manager of her own business as an esthetician in Saint Bruno where she and her family lived.  She acquired a solid reputation there, where she could expose her art for the admiration of her clients, in her own commercial space.

The artistic flame inside Champoux was re-ignited when she reunited with her childhood friends some of whom were internationally renown.  One of them inspired her confidence to follow her dream of living from her art.  Some time later, she was recruited by Michel-Ange Gallery in Old Montreal as well as Gallery Beauchamp in Old Quebec City and Baie Saint Paul.  Her career change was launched.

During that same year of 2010, she committed all her energies to producing works of art with the subject of flowers with various colours, textures and a technique she re-invented.  With a purified style Champoux has an approach which is both contemporary and timeless.

In 2010, she won first prize in the People Choice Awards at the Exposition of the Painters of the South Shore (of Montreal).

The following year, 2011, the artist was caught between two worlds, one of an esthetician and one of artist.  The sudden demand from galleries for her work and her desire to expand her dream forced her to finally put an end to her esthetic business in order to devote all her time to creating her art.

Danielle Champoux received an unexpected public welcome to the art world.  She was selling in Montreal, Quebec City, Baie Saint Paul and Houston, Texas, U.S.A.  The era of Champoux was born!  Flowers on canvas was re-invented in a tree dimensional structure!

Today Champoux has added different themes to her art, all of which are created structurally like her flowers and done from the bottom of her heart.

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