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Michigan Table

  • This piece by Denna Arnold is intended to be used as a dining table to seat 9, or a “power desk” to make a bold statement.

    The “Michigan Table” is a 12 foot ash slab harvested in northern Michigan. This tree was killed by the ash bore beetle, where the beetle separated the bark form the wood eventually killing the tree. The tree was approximately 88 years old. The artist portrays natural elements commonly found in a Michigan forest. This live edge slab shows the scars left behind from the ash bore beetle. The beetle is also depicted upon to table as tribute to his tasteful yet destructive work. There are also hidden surprises that were in the wood grain that are captured and enhanced. The small tree fairy on the oak branch, the turtle, and the center of the poppies are actually knots and grains in the wood. The artist decided to do a waterfall edge on the table because Michigan has so many waterways. The waterfall edge is 30 inches high, and is an extension of the slab. The leg is a rolled steel support with an acid wash that gives the table a natural yet industrial look.

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