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Original Oil Painting by Jon McDonald. A part of the 12 piece collection titled "Slavery's Chill". 60 x 52 inches, framed.

The early morning sky filled with tumultuous clouds and pastel hues offers no warmth for this traveling group. Trekking through hundreds of miles of snowy trails and crossing icy rivers, the slaves risked hypothermia and death to venture toward freedom in the north on the Underground Railroad. this scene warms the heart as we witness a few brave white people risking their own lives to help blacks escape the grips of slavery. Fueled by true compassion and selflessness, these white people offered their homes as refuges for traveling slaves to rest and recuperate during their long journey. In a pile of knee-deep snow, a white woman lovingly cradles a tiny black baby, proving that not all white people devalued the lives of blacks. The black mother understands that she can trust this woman with the life of her child, and what a deeply emotional moment that must have been. Progress is inherent here physically, emotionally and societally. 

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